DJ Publications, a leading publisher, publishes scholarly books on humanities, social science, information technology, engineering, education, defence, encyclopaedia, political science, anthropology, art, biography, history, music, environment, philosophy etc. All Knowledge under one roof of sobriety and maturity do not come through years. These come with wisdom and knowledge. DJ books may be young by way of age but it is rich enough by way of treasuring knowledge.

DJ Books publications is committed to academic books of high potential, in order to fecilitate the flow knowledge from India to the whole world. It is a world wide network established in 2013 . Our editors are among the best in the profession. Naturally, it makes us ahead of others in achieving quality, with in a fixed time period, at a fast pace and of course in accordance with the established norms of the publishing world. We at DJ Books Publications have interest in all subjects, with our stress on women studies, sociology, indology, anthropology, tribal studies, tourism, psychology etc. and in the areas related to the new age.

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